First Robot Olympics to be held in China


The first International Humanoid Robot Olympic Games will be held in the Chinese city of Harbin in June 2010.

The event will showcase robotics creators from around the world and will feature their creations in a competitive setting.

The games will only permit androids, or robots with human features and structure, to be entered into the games unlike the formerly popular Battlebots program on Comedy Central which featured robots with giants saws, hammers, and conveyor belts to name a few.


Organizers of these new type of games states that this competition aims to make robots more efficient and more capable at serving humans at home. (I guess the founders of the games hadn’t heard of the Roomba, no legs but a very efficient vacuum cleaner.

16 events will be held throughout the competition including track and field and football, highly demanding games for even a human body. The robots we will see at this competition will have to have impeccable design and endurance to survive.


Chinese officials estimate that more than a hundred universities will compete in the games from over twenty countries around the world. As an American, I whole heartily expect that MIT will be making an appearance in Harbin.

No specific date has been made for the International Humanoid Robot Olympic Games yet, but the artificial intelligence community is electric with its excitement.


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